Your Life With Freedom

It’s here, right now.

Freedom seems to be elusive for people these days.

They can’t free themselves from their jobs. Negative relationships. Or their phone.

It’s weird to live in “the land of the free” but feel so many people are trapped in their lives.

For me, it’s being able to do the stuff you love, with the people you love, whenever the fuck you want.

Freedom serves joy. It empowers unconditional service to others. It unlocks you. It doesn’t need to do much else.

It starts with your mind and emotions. You can’t create something you can’t imagine. So start with one question:

What does freedom look like to me?

Craft your vision of a free life. For me, freedom looks like running on the beach with people I love. It looks like building impactful businesses from wherever I want in the world. It looks like being able to go off the grid for three months and delegate the operating of the businesses to a trusted friend or partner.

Once you have a solid grasp on what freedom looks like, move on to:

What does freedom feel like to me?

A picture is good, but the feelings bring the color. Imagine being in the places you visualized. Build a richer picture. What emotions and energy is within? What does your skin feel? What is the smell and how does it make you feel?

After successfully doing this second part, you should feel free. You should feel like you’re glowing inside. Like joy.

If you don’t feel that way, focus on what your picture of freedom feels until you do.

Right now, I’m focused on financial freedom, and I literally don’t get out of my bed until I see and feel what it’s like to make 20k a month, which is my current definition of financial freedom.

The crazy thing is, this picture actually exists. It’s in another dimension of reality, waiting for you to act on creating it. That’s how these things work. Literally every situation exists. When you feel the emotions of the situation and envision it in detail, you’re bringing the situation closer to your physical reality.

Dr. Joe Dispenza can explain much better than I.

So you’ve got the picture. You’ve got the feeling internalized. What’s next?

Pick one aspect of your freedom picture that you want to focus on right now. The one that you think will enable all of the other aspects. For me, that aspect is financial freedom. For you, it might be freedom with your emotions or spiritual freedom.

Write it down as a goal. My goal is “I’m going to make 20k a month”. Yours could be “I’m going to reach nirvana 5 times”. Or maybe “I’m going to fully express my self when I’m interacting with the people around me”.

Then, set your deadline. Mine is the end of 2021. Make yours something reasonable, but push yourself.

Finally, write down the list of things that you need to do to make that goal happen. My things are:

  • Get more people on discovery calls
  • Close a certain percentage of discovery calls
  • Stay open and create progress on new opportunities.

You might have to break down these things into further subtasks. If so, do that until you have clear actions to execute on.

Now, set a deadline to do the first action. After you do the first action, set a deadline and do the second.

The deadlines aren’t super important. The main thing is to make sure you’re acting to reach freedom every day. You need to consistently put yourself in positions to create freedom, opportunity, and synchronicity in your life or else it won’t happen.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to get closer to freedom, a state of being every human deserves to reach. Whether it’s a simple life as a farmer or a rich entrepreneur, you can reach freedom as long as you don’t compromise on it.

Once you know exactly what you want, you can’t lie to yourself or the people around you. Voice your freedom to the people around you. If they don’t like it and don’t want to join you, you have to make the choice of whether to keep the connection with them or to create freedom in your life.

What is your freedom? Share it below :)

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