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Optimizing Social Media Use

Social media is something many professionals are well advised to adopt given it’s usefulness as a marketing tool . If you want an online presence for your service, company, or personal advancement, social media currently provides the best way to make it happen. You have free access to millions of potential customers and awesome insights with a few clicks. The interconnectedness of humanity has never been more obvious and accessible. So how do you harness this wonderful tool to make people aware of your valuable services? How do you sort through all the noise to find meaningful information channels that help you learn, network, grow, and improve? In this article, I will share what I’ve learned as someone growing up with social media.

  1. Post an article about the best things to get going back to school shopping and including the items in your sale and why they’re important.
  • It promotes you as an asset with valuable knowledge companies would like to hire.
  • It expands your network and gives you fun opportunities to meet like-minded people.
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According to research, here are the best times of the week and the day to post on each platform!

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