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3 ways to become happier, more productive, and more intelligent using executive functioning.

I know, I know… the title of this article looks hyperbolic and attention grabbing, but please just bear with me and you’ll learn some valuable skills and information. In psychology and cognitive science there is a mechanism called executive functioning.

  • Resist impulses with long-term thinking ( the voice in your head that’s saying “don’t have that next shot, Sheryl. You have work in the morning!”)
  • Solve new and challenging issues
  • Adapt behavior depending on the social situation
  • Focus attention (rip your gaze away from facebook and start on your medium article)
  • Not contemplating the consequences of your actions (impulsiveness).
  • Decreased creativity, focus, and performance anxiety.
  • Picking up a new instrument
  • Starting to play a new sport or game (etc. basketball or chess)
  • Now since the counters are clean, you can wash the counters.
  • After the counters are taken care of, wash everything in the sink
  • Now, repeat this process with the floor!
  • Clearly rationalize about the difficulty of the task.
  • Effectively plan ahead and consider things that may go wrong in a productive way.

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