When I plan out my next 12 weeks, I always have 3–4 concepts that drive my mindset and reflection during the period. This is a breakdown of the concepts that are guiding me through the next 12 weeks.

Greatness in the Micro Moments

The small moments throughout our day are simply microcosms for our larger…

A future of shared abundance. Diverse prosperity. Empathizing to elevate the beauty of our differences.

I wake up, and walk outside. Enjoying the chirp of the birds, the enthusiastic buzz of the insects. …

As an impact-driven startup (for-profit or non-profit), it can get overwhelming to clarify your initial concept. The business model canvas has you thinking about things from a more advanced stage that isn’t as relevant in the beginning.

After you’re a mature organization, you will want to take a wider view…

Having a clear strategic foundation for your company will make every move easier.

Your strategy forms the guidelines under which you to test new revenue streams, iterate your current services, and create new initiatives for social impact.

I break this down with the Strategy Pyramid, which you can see below:

It’s here, right now.

Freedom seems to be elusive for people these days.

They can’t free themselves from their jobs. Negative relationships. Or their phone.

It’s weird to live in “the land of the free” but feel so many people are trapped in their lives.

What is freedom?

For me, it’s being able…

2020 has been the year of transformation. Flaws in our medical, economic, and democratic systems have reared their head, and there’s been quite a bit of opportunity for entrepreneurs to solve problems in these shifts.

There have also been many flaws exposed within ourselves. As an entrepreneur, your progress and…

If you have something you know will work, don’t let up.

Two weeks ago, I hired a business coach.

He resonated with me and was a really good salesman. But the reason I’m keeping him around now and probably for a long time is because he keeps me focused.


Methods to clarify who your customers and beneficiaries are, how you can do research to connect further with them, and tactics to form deep relationships for better retention.

This is article number two in the Breaking down your Business Model article series.

If you haven’t already, check out Article 1…

Value proposition canvas

Your Value Proposition Is the Core of Your Business Model

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your value proposition. Why?

“Your value proposition is the core of your competitive advantage. It clearly articulates why someone would want to buy from your company instead of a competitor.” — Lindsay Cox

There’s a reason that the Value Proposition lies at…

Using the Impact Business Model Canvas to give you a clear strategic foundation and shared understanding throughout your team.

Business models can be HARD.

Like you’re juggling 8–10 different projects in your brain.

I remember feeling like my brain was an octopus with each tentacle juggling a different piece of…

Adam French

Social Impact + Marketing + Design. If you need marketing or design for your social impact venture, hit my line at adam@emote.design.

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